• Black Olives

Do you know the difference between green olives and black olives?

Are you a green or a black olive person? It’s such a personal choice, it’s like one of those intriguing lines, between milk and dark chocolate, but once you’ve got to know what our black olives stand for you wouldn’t want to go green ever again.

Black Olives give you a whole range of health benefits and should be enjoyed on a regular basis to add spice to your life. They can easily be compared to the most extraordinary hotels that we’ve chosen to pay tribute to with our collection.

We would like you to go blackwards, and once you’ve taken the decision to go black

we can assure you that you won’t look back, as there is a tremendous difference between green and black when comparing the experience they give you.

A black olive is a symbol for sophistication and glamour and will give you twice as much pleasure. They are widely used to fragrance your life and give you magic and memorable moments, whereas green olives on the other hand don’t offer you any additional health benefits.

Just like the best sun-drenched black olives, our Hotels and Destination Management Companies are handpicked to meet the high standard we set for our collection, and a black olive label gives you a quality warranty, but we still place emphasis on celebrating the individuality of each partner.

Black olives vary in colour, character, origin, size, and flavour, but they all have one thing in common, and that is that they are a great source of vitamins, and studies by leading lifestyle health experts have shown that a diet with lots of black olives leads to a lower risk of premature aging and improved overall quality of life.

However not all ripe olives are naturally black. Processing methods and marinating techniques all have an impact, as well as exposure to a demanding clientele, and the darker the colour the more likely it is to be part of our collection.