Senator Meetings & Incentives

Unique incentive programs in Poland

Senator Meetings & Incentives

ChoragwiPancernej 43
02-951 Warsaw

For event planners, Poland offers a large variety of hotels and exceptional venues and conference facilities, and is an attractive destination for any group.

Senator can provide a creative approach for your incentive, team-building trip, management committee, as well as for your conference. The proactive team will do everything to ensure the absolute success of your event and constantly come up with new ideas, and most importantly, finding the most incredible places and venues for your group, always with a focus on detail.

The team at Senator is truly excited about every event that they take on and always willing to step out of the more conventional event planning box and offer more unusual activities than other DMCs.

Here in Poland your group can enjoy private tours of major historical monuments, action activities, thermal spas, and a wide range of exceptional activities that they can’t find elsewhere.