The Roseate, New Delhi

One of the finest five-star urban boutique hotels in New Delhi

A new cool sanctuary in New Delhi, only a ten-minute drive from the International Airport, The Roseate provides a multi-award-winning oasis on the outskirts of the city, set amongst 8 acres of lush immaculately landscaped gardens, including a fantastic 102-metre pool that stretches the entire length of the resort. The hotel was designed my award-winning architect Mathar Bunnag, taking inspiration from the five elements in Hindu philosophy- earth, water, fire, wind and space.

Each of the more than 50 rooms has been designed to complement the hotel’s contemporary luxury ambience. The bathrooms, in marble, are no less luxurious- a rain shower that does wonders after a long day in the city, to restore one’s balance and to take it all in.

The captivating and vibrant capital of New Delhi with its hustle and bustle, and its mixture of old and new with ancient villages lying next to modern residences.

Coming back to intimate and even tranquil Roseate, can be the most soothing and relaxing of feelings after a long day exploring this fantastic city.

Home to the world’s biggest Hindu temple, the country’s largest mosque, but also to South Asia’s largest shopping mall, there are truly a lot of things to do in Delhi and it’s one of the most inspiring and fascinating cities in world.

The sensational views from the rooms are a reminder that the best of New Delhi awaits just outside the grounds.

The Roseate has also got a sumptuous spa with natural products, the Aheli Spa, where the therapies are inspired by the best health and beauty practices sourced from age-old Ayurveda treatments to totally revitalize you.

There is also a lifestyle concierge service and a private butler to cater to your every whim, and to fulfill any needs that might arise.

The hotel features two restaurants, the fine dining Kiyan, with focus on free-range and organic ingredients, and the haute cuisine Chi Ni, a Michelin awarded Chinese restaurant.