• Exceptional Service

Taking Concierge to another level

A hotel that can deliver class-leading quality of service, understands that the difference between good and great is attention to detail.

Impeccable service is exactly what it’s all about, and taking that extra step in trying to please the hotel guests.

Gone are the times when a concierge was only there to book your concert tickets and finding the most lavish restaurants in town.

Out goes stuffy formality and in comes a targeted butler service that can offer an unprecedented experience that was unheard of just a few years ago. A new generation of five star properties offers a themed concierge service tailor-made to the destination as a complimentary to more traditional concierge assistance.

A ski butler will come to your hotel room to fit everyone with the latest ski equipment and ski fashion before you hit the slopes. An appreciated service, especially as we all know what a hassle it is to get the whole family into the right ski gear before a trip.

More and more high-end hotels are offering a dog butler to help out with the needs of the four-legged residents, offering a service that includes a special local dog menu, dog grooming, and customized walks with a choice of itinerary such as beach walk or forest trail.

Have you heard of an ambience butler? It all goes together with the overall feel of your hotel stay. An ambience butler will contact you with an email a couple of days before your arrival to make sure that all the right choices are made for you.

Aromatherapy, choice of music, flower decorations, fitness programs and mini bar treats, it must all correspond to the ambience that you are looking for.

Exceptional service is also about having the latest technology. A hotel that can show that it’s at the forefront of multimedia use, and can provide the guest with the latest technology gadgets, is adding extra value to the stay.