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The importance of relaxation

We all need time to regenerate, renew and invigorate ourselves, and where else better than in the hotel spa. Let go of the outside world and discover the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’ll be pampered and well taken care of.

Regarded by many as the crown jewel in the hotel, they offer uniquely tailored treatments with that special touch that can transport you miles away.

The spa gives the hotel a special identity and character, and offers the highest quality of relaxing treatments for you to be totally in harmony.

The best spa treatments across the globe have one thing in common, they provide an oasis of serenity and wellbeing.

Spas are not just a luxury, but an essential way to get away from stress and worries, to unwind and to treat both mind and body at the same time. It’s a necessity that is absolutely vital to us, and when we emerge from the hotel spa we feel renewed and totally re-energized.

The importance of comfort, rest and relaxation have been understood for centuries and the word spa comes from the latin ‘Sanitas per aqua’, meaning ‘health through water’, and even today water is a central element in many spas around the world.

The diversity of spas in our collection of hotels reflects different techniques and philosophies like hydrotherapy, reflexology, aromatherapy and the more holistic Ayurveda.

Hydrotherapy has been long recognized by ancient cultures for is health purposes and for its intention to heal the body and calm the mind by therapeutic use of water.

In France spring water and sea water treatments came into fashion in the 19th centuries with popular destinations being Biarritz, Deauville, Cannes and Vichy.

The ubiquitous sense of showing local culture through exclusive spa treatments is also something that we have seen a lot of recently. Giving emphasis to local knowledge and tradition has become as important as keeping up with the latest cutting-edge spa methods.

Being ahead of the game is vital, and the next generation of luxury hotel spas will be absolutely mind-blowing.

In the future we will incorporate DNA analysis to promote longevity treatments. You will receive bespoke prevention care and prediction health programs intended to refresh your overall wellbeing and your fitness routine.

Hotels are expanding its range of services and facilities to constantly be at the forefront of innovation and to also take care of the guests in the best possible way.

A hotel is the perfect setting for a hair salon, and historically it used to be a common feature in luxury hotels, and we can now see a come back with Antonio Axu opening a hair-styling bar in Hotel Diplomat in Stockholm and the fashionable David Lucas taking position of Hotel Crillon in Paris.

New thinking fitness concept

Another need that the hospitality industry need to meet, is the need to keep fit, especially for those who constantly travel and who don’t want to loose out on their willingness to keep in shape.

It really becomes a necessity for hotels to offer new-thinking fitness concepts if they want to stay competitive in the market, as only providing a well equipped gym is no longer enough to satisfy the new fitness-minded clientele.

Westin together with the fitness brand New Balance took this one step further offering the guests a run concierge by launching the service ‘runWestin’, a program that gives guests a menu of a few tailor-made runs with different sceneries for the most optimal runs.

High-end fitness companies are also entering the hospitality world partnering with hotel brands seeking new innovative ways to promote themselves. Something that was all unheard of a few years ago.