Definition of Luxury

Hotels are one of the oldest symbols of luxury, and hotels have survived and prospered, and still epitomize the definition of luxury.

Luxury is defined as the best life has to offer, and in the hotel world that means a legendary setting and state-of-the-art comfort and elegance with a unique expression of the self rather than mass-produced.

A luxury hotel experience is defined by attention to the details, it is something that simply makes you feel good, and more specifically is bespoke and individualized.

True luxury is to provide extraordinary experiences, and a dream of an exclusive lifestyle.

To us here at Black Olive Collection, luxury is simply the best of the best, and is exquisite with supreme taste. Everything about the hotel has to breathe luxury and sexiness, everything from the first welcome to the presentation of the bread basket.

‘To create something exceptional, your
mindset must be relentlessly focused
on the smallest detail.’

Giorgio Armani